Copco Chemtech Co Ltd specializes in providing quality and innovative pump solutions to industries. The company was established in January 2008 with a registered capital of 1 million baht. Copco Chemtech’s highly trained staff always strive to maintain and design reliable solutions in order to deliver the best results possible for our clients.


To be the leading expert in providing reliable pump solutions of superior quality and healthy enviromental.


• Employing an innovative and professional team able to create and design reliable solutions for customers.
• Conducting a business that is economical yet prioritizes health, safety and being environmentally friendly
• Providing quality pumps and follow-up services.

Copco Chemtech Co.,Ltd.

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3P Prinz FMH-Hygienic Pump

"FMH Hygienic Pumps" Application Fields

 Food Industry Beverage Industry Pharmaceutical Industry

Pera-Prinz Hygienic Screw Pump for Food and Pharmaceutical industry. Each pump can be customized for a specific application allowing the customer to be served in an optimal way. Several Screws Profiles and several materials available allow them to be optimized for each particular application.
The Screws Pair rotates inside the Pump Enclosure, creating several separate chambers and pushing the fluid trapped inside in accordance with the progression of the screws pitch.
The flow rate is particularly uniform and pulsation-free, and the pumped fluid flows in an axial direction (not circumferentially, as it happens in the centrifugal pumps)
The result of the screws rotation is a gentle movement of the displaced volume, in not turbulent conditions, making it ideal for handling shear-sensitive fluids or liquids easily subject to emulsification.

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Mouvex® Micro C Pumps

Your solutions for continuous transfer and low-flow metering
(?800 liters/h) 3 bars and 15 bars pressure.

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Wilden® King Cobra Peristaltic Hose Pumps

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