Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Main features:

• Cast casing and Impeller in AISI316, Titanium, Hastelloy C;
• Cast Iron/Carbon Steel bracket (VPL & VPM only)       
• No contact between internal rotating parts, except for mechanical seal rings (pumps mod. VPS and VPL) and rotating bushes (pump VPM magnetic drive);
• No need for external lubrication source to operate;      
• Easy maintenance;   
• Design temperature 100°C;   
• Pressure rating NP 10;


Typical applications:

• Corrosive, toxic, noxious and carcinogenic gases
• Hydrocarbons, pyrophorics other flammables gases

Optionals available:
• Automatic drain and anti-cavitation valves;
• Graphite/ceramic mechanical seal;
• Oil lubricated ball bearing (only VPL).


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