Copco Chemical Pump

 Copco High Head Magnetic Drive Pump

No leak, Durable and High Efficiency

The pump body is seal completely to prevent liquid leakage and hence preventing pollution or corrosion problems caused by many traditional mechanical seal pump. Besides that, the pump's impeller and magnetic parts integrate well to avoid damage during high-speed rotation and high temperature. The integrated impeller and inner magnet also reduce the assembly risk and therefore increase the efficiency of the pump.

Excellent corrosion resistance thermoplastic materials.

The pump body made from reinforced polypropylene and enhanced fluoroplastics (PP/GFRPP/PVDF). Other than that, the pump shaft, bearing, and thrust ring made from high corrosion-resistant materials such as Ceramic, SSIC, PTFE, and Carbon, which integrated with seal-less and leaked proof design to ensure the safe transfer of chemicals.

Easy to assembly and maintenance

Most of the pump's parts are molded design for easy to assemble and maintain.

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 Copco Vertical Chemical Pump

PEB Series made Sealless Vertical Chemical Pump is suitable for installations with pump immersed directly in the tank.

♦ Sealless Structure

  • Maintenance free: No Seal or bearing in the pump head to wear out.
  • The PEB series vertical chemical pump is installed vertically with the motor above the liquid surface. In this way, the pump does not need any mechanical seal that is a source for leakage problem.
  • During running, the two-layered impeller could seal up the fluid successfully and reduce the suction air intake in order to maintain a high vacuum situation inner space and high performance of the pump.

♦ Dry Running Safe

  • As there is no contact, thus no friction between the pump body and the impeller, dry running for a long period of time is allowed and would not cause any damage to the pump.

♦ Vapor seal structure

  • The motor is protected by the equipped vapor seal to avoid corrosion by chemical gas.
  • When in operation the vapor seal is forced to open by centrifugal force to block the gas leakage.
  • Once stops, the vapor seal will close to seal up any leakage of the chemical gas.

♦ Outstanding Performance Curve

  • Reach higher Maximum head and achieve larger Maximum liquid flow.

♦ Highly Corrosion Resistant

  • Our materials are to withstand high temperatures and high corrosive chemical liquids.

APPLICATIONS for Sealless Vertical Chemical Pump :

  • Transferring and circulating for plating solvents of the filter.
  • Heat exchanger circulation.
  • Press and reaction tank transfer.
  • Reaction mixing tank circulation.
  • Nickel electroplating.
  • Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Any Hazardous Chemical Applications.

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