CC20 Tanktruck


• Features and benefits : excellent self priming capacity, constant and
smooth delivery, total draining of the hoses, small dimensions and reduced
weight, simplicity of installation, the Mouvex CC20 metering pump is an
excellent solution, in its vehicle-mounted form, to the task of filling and
emptying road tankers.
• Its multi-purpose application also enables it to be used as a ground-based unit.
• Chemical industry
soda, silicates, emulsions, inks, adhesives, resins...
• Petrochemical industry
solvents, petrol, crude oil, paraffin, gas-oil, fuels...
• Food industry
syrups, lubricants, molasses, oils, clean water...
• Principle
Displacement pumps eccentric piston.
• Installation
Assembly in any position (pump with fixing brackets at bottom, at top).
• Drive
• In the case of vehicle-mounted equipment : from the power take-off,
by universal drive or by hydraulic motor or I.C. engine.
The best transmission ratio will be that which allows the pump to rotate at
the selected speed when the engine is idling.
• When ground-based : by electric motor or I.C. engine.


Installation Operation Maintenance (IOM)
 pdf CC20 IOM e.pdf

Parts List
pdf CC20 parts e.pdf
Spec Sheet
CC20 Spec Sheet


CC20 Flyer